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Ivory & Ebony: Ethical Elegance, Sustainable Luxury


At Ivory & Ebony, we craft jewelry that embodies both elegance and ethical integrity. Diamonds are traditionally synonymous with special occasions, yet their history is often tainted by the grim reality of blood diamonds, which have cost over 50,000 lives in Africa over the last decade. To combat these issues, Ivory & Ebony focuses on moissanite diamonds, offering an ethical alternative that ensures our jewelry does not contribute to conflict or exploitation.


Our Ethical Commitment


Our operations are powered by renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, and nuclear, ensuring that a significant portion of the energy used in creating our lab-grown diamonds comes from sustainable sources. At Ivory & Ebony, all our workshops and offices are powered by solar energy, implemented this year to enhance sustainability efforts.

We prioritize sustainable packaging, support local artists, and use recycled silver to foster a circular economy. Lab-grown diamonds, powered by renewable energy, offer long-term cost savings due to stable prices and lower fuel costs. Ivory & Ebony remains committed to reducing our carbon footprint and promoting a greener future through these sustainable practices.


Empowering Local Craftsmen


Ivory & Ebony treasures timeless designs made to be cherished, preserving local craftsmanship traditions and empowering artisans. Our eco-conscious packaging uses sustainable materials, minimizing environmental impact. We are dedicated to transparency in our sustainable journey and committed to giving back to the community.


Affordable Luxury with Moissanite

Diamonds are often out of reach for many due to their high cost. Moissanite offers a brilliant alternative, providing similar sparkle and beauty without the hefty price tag. This stunning gemstone allows everyone to enjoy the luxury and elegance of fine jewelry without breaking the bank. Moissanite is the perfect choice for those seeking dazzling, high-quality pieces that are stylish, ethically sourced, and budget-friendly.

At Ivory & Ebony, we believe in jewelry that not only adorns but also tells a story of responsibility and care for the planet. Join us in our journey towards ethical elegance and sustainable luxury.